• IP66 High Pressure Water Jet & Dust Proof
• High Impact and Flame Resistance
• Corrosion Proof Polycarbonate Diffuser and Body
• LED Life Expectancy over 50,000 Hours
• 5 Year Warranty Minimum
• Free Lighting Plan & Expert Advice
• Optional: Dimming; Motion Sensors; Emergency Backup

Note: Samsung Led Battens often output nearly 50% more Lumens (light) than some other less advanced Led lights of a similar size.
Our Light Output is a White Daylight D50 (5000Kelvin) as per BSI/ISO 3664:2009 Standards not the Blue White D65(6500Kelvin).

Multi Storey Car Parking

LED Battens for Helping to Keep an Eye Out for a Safer Environment

Prioritising Professional Grade LED Luminaires for Safety in Parking Areas is of course the first priority for all stakeholders. So avoiding failed creating dark spots, which can hinder visibility or flickering tubes that can distract attention of users, and hide dangers to motorists and pedestrians (including the vulnerable) alike. For further security an emergency battery backup option is available for if the power fails.

Our LED battens use superior Samsung LED's and drivers (from Osram/Triodonic the market leaders) and through better design (such as high performance heat sinks) it all goes to improve the efficacy, reliability and longevity of our fully approved LED luminaires. These parameters can be increase further by using our LED battens in conjunction with our Microwave Motion Sensors, to dim the lighting when not required, which can reduce usage by a further third.

Other benefits of our LED battens are the significant reductions in energy use, therefore carbon emissions and minimal maintenance, combined with our +50,000 hour life & five-year warranty will help minimise running costs. Also the investment costs are low as changing to (or installing) our LED battens is quick and simple, as they’ve been designed to easily replace fluorescent strip lights and do not have the problems of LED tubes.

External Display Areas – i.e. Garden Centres, Car Sales and Horticultural Buildings etc.

LED Luminaires, Presenting a Banquet for Customers Eyes

Visual stimuli are important for selling products, from flowers to cars - especially by giving their true colours. LED lighting helps display your goods in a more natural white daylight environment as the LED battens emit their bright white light from a spectrum of red, blue and green sources with no harmful UV or wasteful Infra Red. This almost daylight, helps relax and aids customers positive purchasing decision by giving them a more natural and comfortable environment.

LED luminaires also have significant economic benefits, giving major savings on electricity bills, a very long life and virtually no maintenance (other than cleaning with a jet wash) and ensuring your company a competitive advantage through lower operating costs.

Investment costs are low, as changing to our LED battens is quick and simple, as these are designed to easily replace current fluorescent strip lights. There are further options to save on running costs, such as the Microwave Motion Sensor which switch the LED battens off when nobody is present, and an emergency battery backup if the power fails.

Transport Facilities – Petrol Stations, Garages and Hubs including Stations & Ports

LEDS Lighting the way for the Public

Public and Government perceptions of a transport facilities contribution to environmental sustainability may be aided by demonstrating this commitment to carbon reduction through the major energy saving offered by our LED battens. In addition, as these transport facilities illuminations systems can be operational for significant part of both night and day, even larger savings can be made by using LED luminaries in conjunction with microwave motion and daylight sensors combined with programmable controllers. These can dim or even switch off LED battens when not required, though they can still safely and instantaneously switch back on to full power as required, without flickering or any warm up period.

Also due to the exposed nature of transport facilities our Fully Approved LED battens are designed robustly i.e. IP66/IK10 etc. (see our standards) to resist the extremes of British weather, including heat waves, blizzards, torrential rain and heavy seas without affecting their efficacy. Our LED luminaires safely cope with all these conditions and more, such as high activity and public areas; being resistant to impact, shocks, vibration and electrical surges etc. They continue to operate with great longevity, therefore avoiding the “black spots” of failed fluorescent luminaires, which can give stakeholders a bad impression of facilities, and have a high maintenance cost with their continual replacement, whereas LED luminaires typically last for ten years before replacement.

As an added benefit our LED luminaires produce a white light from blue, green, and red LED sources, making them much closer to natural white daylight. So the illumination is more comfortable for public, who have to adjust from outdoor to inside lighting rapidly.

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