• IP66 Seals units against Damp, Dust and Fumes
• High Impact and Flame Resistance
• Corrosion Proof Polycarbonate Diffuser and Body
• LED Life Expectancy over 50,000 Hours
• 5 Year Warranty
• Free Lighting Plan & Expert Advice
• No Maintenance Required
• Optional: Dimming; Motion Sensors; Emergency Backup

Note: Samsung Led Battens often output nearly 50% more Lumens (light) than some other less advanced Led lights of a similar size.
Our Light Output is a White Daylight D50 (5000Kelvin) as per BSI/ISO 3664:2009 Standards not the Blue White D65(6500Kelvin).


A Good Lighting Design puts things in the Best Light

A good lighting design scientifically calculates the fewest number of lights at the lowest power rating, while guaranteeing the required light level with the most even spread of light throughout your building. This is essential for keeping cost down on installation and power consumption; also to avoid glare, through minimising bright and dark areas to ensure a good spread of light for the most safety and create the best possible working environment.

Designing with DIALux

Our lighting design work is with a specialist computer software for planning and simulating LED lighting environments. The lighting software provides additional confidence in our  design, because the lighting conditions can be simulated virtually. In this way we can give a guarantee of how the new LED lighting sources will impact upon your premises.

During the lighting design process, we can model your premises dimensions in 2D and 3D, and consider the spacing, height and other elements i.e. the apex and eaves of a building. So, we can reach the required illumination levels for the premises with minimal energy consumption to save the most money on power bills and number of LED luminaires.

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