• IP66 High Pressure Water Jet & Dust Proof
• High Impact and Flame Resistance
• Corrosion Proof Polycarbonate Diffuser and Body
• LED Life Expectancy over 50,000 Hours
• 5 Year Warranty Minimum
• Free Lighting Plan & Expert Advice
• Optional: Dimming; Motion Sensors; Emergency Backup

Note: Samsung Led Battens often output nearly 50% more Lumens (light) than some other less advanced Led lights of a similar size.
Our Light Output is a White Daylight D50 (5000Kelvin) as per BSI/ISO 3664:2009 Standards not the Blue White D65(6500Kelvin).

LED Lighting for Workshops, Packing Sheds and Factories

Lojer Led Strip lights are perfect for Workshops & Factories as our Samsung Led Battens are elongated length ways, so the light is spread in such away it avoids glare and darker areas.

Also, all the light is beamed directly downward to where it is needed, by combining these two features it ensures the light is placed exactly where you need, with none wasted. This enables operatives to easily see fine detail and this helps with more accurate and rapid working, so improving safety and productivity.

LED luminaires not only offer significant savings on your energy bills, require no maintenance (essential when mounted in high places), these can also help create an optimal working environment for employees ( improving productivity ) because LED lighting gives a higher intensity more natural daylight effect. Due to their light being produced from blue, green, and red LED sources, making it much closer to the daylight spectrum than fluorescent or HID lighting. Another advantage of this source of light is that LED's do not generate any harmful Ultraviolet or Infrared light that could affect your stakeholders, and damage your products (essential for long term storage in Warehouses).

Within our stated standards our LED battens are unaffected by heat and cold due to the superior led chips used and the high efficiency OSRAM LED driver that monitors and controls the lighting. These ensure that the LED Luminaire has higher reliability, a longer life and much lower waste heat - which is especially important in Cold Rooms.

Also LED lighting does not flicker; it comes on instantly as it has no warm up time and is controllable with our MMS microwave motion sensors. The MMS enable battens to switch completely off when not required or automatically dim when used in conjunction with our DALI controllers, which can also extend the luminaires life, making even further reductions in energy use and lowering carbon output even more.


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