• IP66 Seals units against Damp, Dust and Fumes
• High Impact and Flame Resistance
• Corrosion Proof Polycarbonate Diffuser and Body
• LED Life Expectancy over 50,000 Hours
• 5 Year Warranty
• Free Lighting Plan & Expert Advice
• No Maintenance Required
• Optional: Dimming; Motion Sensors; Emergency Backup

Note: Samsung Led Battens often output nearly 50% more Lumens (light) than some other less advanced Led lights of a similar size.
Our Light Output is a White Daylight D50 (5000Kelvin) as per BSI/ISO 3664:2009 Standards not the Blue White D65(6500Kelvin).

Agricultural Farm Buildings & Stables - LED Farm Lights
Apply for a Government Grant for LED Lighting for livestock

LED Farm Lighting – A Much More Natural Light for Livestock and Workers

LED Farm Lights needs to be physically robust (for example ours are IP66 Waterproof, GWIT850 Flame Resistant & IK10 high impact resistance – see our standards page for more); they are also environmentally friendly (no lead or mercury) and give a much more natural white daylight, while ensuring maximum efficiency, to give you the lowest possible running cost (we offer reductions of up to 90% power usage and therefore carbon savings).

Many farms and stables use energy hungry fluorescent lighting, which also produce a narrow artificial colour spectrum. Whereas our LED Battens produce light from a mix of blue, green, and red LED sources, making them much closer to natural white daylight (showing natural colours or a high Colour Rendition Index CRI, ours is over 80). So, the lighting is more comfortable for livestock, and a workforce who must adjust frequently from outdoor to inside lighting rapidly.

Our Samsung LEDs also have a very long life (+50,000-hours minimum) and are almost maintenance free (except maybe for a jet wash cleaning) and have a five-year minimum guarantee.

There are further options to save on running costs, the Light and Motion Sensors which switch the LED battens off when nobody is present or if the ambient light is more than specified , and an emergency battery backup if the power fails. See accessories

We also suggest the following points should be considered when installing luminaires:

  • How the lights are being used and, therefore, the appropriate places to position these & the switch gear.
  • Combining and switching the lights in groups, can easily provide different lighting levels.
  • Lights are best positioned to allow easy cleaning.
  • Consider the reflectiveness of walls and flooring. Painting surfaces white or lighter colours will increase the
    illumination levels.
  • It is important that lights are water and dustproof. Our led battens are all IP66.
  • Higher levels of light ~200 Lux has been shown by University & AHDB research to increase (by up to 10%)
    and extend lactation and growth by increasing hormone secretion.
  • Our lighting plans will advise you the minimum quantity of lights you need and their size to meet your need.

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